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Why do you need a face mask?

19 Jan 2021
There are still women who ask themselves the question: Do I also need face masks after using so many cosmetics every day?

01 Dec 2020


08 Nov 2020
Are you one of those people who love giving a gift as much as receiving them? Engaging in acts of generosity is scientifically proven to make us happi...

How can cosmetics make us happier?

06 May 2020
  In order to be in excellent health and with good self-confidence, it is important to take time for yourself, for the rest of the m...

Chlorhexidine and why do we use it in hand cleansing gels?

30 Mar 2020
Chlorhexidine? It has been proven that when used externally on the skin, products containing chlorohexidine are not contraindicated in pregnant o...

"Eat Sweet and Speak Sweet"

08 Apr 2019
Unlike any other sweet temptation, the Lokum and the information about his birth are enveloped in legends.