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Massage candle Cotton Candy

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Sexy, lickable and 100% natural is ideal for foreplay

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Erotic massage is the perfect way to connect physically and emotionally with your lover. That massage is a great way to relax the body, soothe the mind and boost your sexual happiness. Especially formulated to melt at a low, body-safe temperature so they can be drizzled over your partner for a deeply moisturizing and seductive massage. Set the scene for your massage by lighting the candle and letting the aroma fill the room. It takes between 15 – 30 minutes for the candle to melt enough for you to start your massage – you’ll no doubt find a way to pass the time. Once liquified, the candle will transform into a slowly absorbing, high-slip massage lotion that nourishes and hydrates the skin. Blow the flame out, test the temperature of the pool of oil with your finger and then you’re ready to play. When it is ready, drizzle a small amount of the warm, moisturizing oil onto your partner’s body. If you haven’t tried a massage candle yet, then just light you candle and pamper yourself and your partner with the rich, warm massage. . . . . Enjoy! INCI: CACAO BUTTER, SHEA BUTTER, SESAME OIL, COTTON CANDY FOOD FLAVOR, BEESWAX
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