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How can cosmetics make us happier?

In order to be in excellent health and with good self-confidence, 
it is important to take time for yourself, for the rest of the mind and body.
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Chlorhexidine and why do we use it in hand cleansing gels?


It has been proven that when used externally on the skin, products containing chlorohexidine are not contraindicated in pregnant or breastfeeding women, and that after a lot of use, they have a long way to go.

Read the ingredient history below ..
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"Eat Sweet and Speak Sweet"

Unlike any other sweet temptation, the Lokum and the information about his birth are enveloped in legends.

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Exfoliation: Rebirth of the skin

Ancient Egyptians and Greeks have discovered the benefits of exfoliating the skin many decades ago. If it is not yet part of your beautifying ritual, you should certainly try and enjoy the benefits it brings.

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8 Skin Care Tips for a Winter Vacation

Those of us that have experienced dry skin on a winter vacation know just how uncomfortable it can be. We’re all familiar with a sunburn in the summer, but cracked skin in the winter can be even more painful!

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What about hands..

As the shorter days and the colder weather are in full swing, this is the moment when we should not forget the skin of our hands.

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Secrets for long lasting perfumes

There is hardly anyone who does not want to smell great all day. The truth is that there are some secrets on when and at which locations can be applied perfume to enjoy a strong and long-lasting fragrance.

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How to use rose water to different parts of the face?

Rose water is a natural cleanser and soothing agent. It helps clear the skin, while I leave it radiant and refreshed. Rose water may help relieve tired eyes due to spend the day in front of a computer monitor.

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The Eyes

A few simple tips for beauty of the skin around the eyes.

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5 съвета как да се грижите за красотата на лицето си

5 съвета как да се грижите за красотата си

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