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What about hands..

As the shorter days and the colder weather are in full swing, this is the moment when we should not forget the skin of our hands. This is because cold and dry air removes natural protective oils and moisture from its surface , and we often forget to take care of them.

All of this should not worry you, as today we will share with you our ideas, which have proven to be the champions of hydration over time.

Shea Butter Creams restore elasticity, and if you are nostalgic for the summer do not forget the cream with a tempting aroma of watermelon that besides hydrating the skin in depth will take care of your sunny mood.

Another good helper is the essential oils - lavender and jasmine. Lavender essential oil is a favorite remedy for relieving nerves and managing episodes of anxiety. It also soothes the heavily cracked and dried hands, speeding up their recovery. As for the jasmine - it is popular as an effective aphrodisiac, but it also returns elasticity and makes our skin softer.

Other ways to keep the skin on the hands always soft and smooth to touch are the washing of gloves, the use of soft soaps and, of course, hydration from inside. Do not forget that food is very important. Foods containing omega 3, vitamin E and A and zinc, increase skin moisture naturally!

What about hands..they listen me the best.. One apply to the other cream, and both apply to the face and body ..