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11 tips for healthy and beautiful hair

Everyone, depending on hair color and thickness of hair, has his head between 90 000 and 150 000 hair. About 90% of them still grow. Most are thin blond hair, so they are the most numerous, followed by brown, and at least hairs are redheads as they are the most dense. We know that the loss of up to 100 hairs a day is not a concern because each hair grows between 2 and 5 years, then growth has stopped, he remains the head several months.

As already damaged hair most often have to be cut should take care of it in advance, using quality products suitable for your hair type, like eat a diet rich in vitamins, fiber and unsaturated fats, and observing some not very difficult council.

1. Brush your hair before washing them - it will remove the remnants of hair products and the accumulated dirt, and it will enhance microcirculation of the scalp. No need to reapply shampoo twice since that first dose washes away dirt, but also the natural oils of your hair. Lather shampoo fingers, massaging gently hair.

2. Always Moisturize your hair with appropriate to its type conditioner or mask. The mask is applied only to the hair roots and conditioners - the edges.

3. Never rub washed hair with a towel and just soak up the water by gently tapping. It is not good to solve wet hair, as you can only go on it with a wide tooth comb, which it unraveled. Wait for hair to dry at least 75% before using the brush.

4. Avoid using brushes and combs with plastic teeth, or those made of metal, since the plastic and metal electrified hair and damaged. Buy wooden combs and brushes, or those with natural hair. At least harmful to wet hair are brushes with rubber teeth.

5. Washing the hair should be done depending on the type of water you use. If your hair look dry and dull, probably hard water and contains minerals. You can neutralize them by rinsing with a solution of lemon juice in a small mineral water. To remove deposits of minerals, wash your hair once a week with a cleansing shampoo.

6. During the dyeing your hair at home, moisten with water edges as they are dry from roots, more porous and are taking on more paint. Wet hair does not absorb as much of the paint, so the color will be much more evenly from root to tip.

7. Once every two weeks, apply a mask or hot oils for deep treatment of hair. The aim is to nourish the roots and hair follicles. Heating is beneficial because the heat opens the cuticles, the outer layer of the hair and ingredients penetrate deep.

8. If you have dyed hair, it is better to use products for color retention. They nourish dried hair from the chemicals and reduce leaching of the dye inside the hair, keeping it for a long time.

9. Use hairdryers and presses ionisation effect. These appliances hair saturate hair with negative ions, which prevent hair as broken water molecules faster and disposed damages from positive ions. Furthermore, ionizing dryers significantly reduce the drying time.

10. Curly hair is dry and difficult to shape, so you should use conditioner to shape curls. Very suitable for curly hair are products that contain vegetable oil - sweet almond oil, shea butter, olive oil, jojoba oil, coconut, and so forth. Apply the balm on washed hair and comb with rare comb without rub into the hair roots. If you have thin or curly hair that painting, it is every six months leave it to rest aggressive paint and use a semi-permanent dye or one with vegetable dyes. They are not as durable, but will last at least 6-8 washing hair.

11. Since the combs and brushes accumulate residues of lacquer, foam, and dirt, wash them at least once a week with warm water and soap and disinfect them with a little alcohol and a cotton swab. This is especially important if you have dandruff, seborrhea, greasy hair or fungal infection of the scalp.

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