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How to use rose water to different parts of the face?

Rose water is a natural cleanser and soothing agent. It helps clear the skin, while I leave it radiant and refreshed. Rose water may help relieve tired eyes due to spend the day in front of a computer monitor.

However many do not know how to use rose water on different parts of the face. First you put rose water along with cotton in it in the refrigerator. Thus it acts refreshing facial and moisturizes the skin. Here's how we could make it naturally toned with rose water and cotton ..

The whole face

First, we should use rose water to clean the skin of dirt and debris, then again to go at it with cotton, but this time it should be thoroughly soaked in rose water.


For this part of the face to be used moves out and up, each of them ends at the temples. The pressure applied should be light, as the skin is sensitive.


When we treat this area with rose water should start from the middle of the forehead, as the movements are outside and to each side, ending at the temples.

on the chin

Cotton dipped in rose water must be moving in a circular motion on the skin. Then the skin gently pats him.

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