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Wine, love and care.

Wine, love and care: Make your loved ones happy with an original gift for February 14!
February 14 is a favorite holiday for all lovers and in Bulgaria we consider the day also for the lovers of good wine. 
This special day is another occasion to make a loved one happy by giving him an original gift to express your love.
Wine and love have always gone hand in hand. That's why choose a bottle of your favorite wine, light candles, create a romantic atmosphere and make 
your loved one feel special. And don't forget that there is no holiday without a gift!
If you want to surprise your partner with something nice and original, but you have no idea exactly how it is, we will help you.
On the site you will find special collections with products suitable for all lovers and lovers of wine.
Sezmar collection Love offer you great ideas to make your partner happy.
The gift set "LOVE" is an original choice, which includes several captivating products - aphrodisiacs.
Aphrodisiac body lotion (200ml), and you can choose between the following types: SUARE, VARRO, METSEL, AMON, LOVE BOMB, HOT BLUE, HYPNOSIS, 
ULTRASENSE Specially developed Aphrodisiac Body Lotion, which does not moisturize the skin and does not moisturize the skin.
Intimate shower gel (250ml) with a unique aroma of your choice: Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate, Orange
Intimate massage oil (100ml) of your choice: Banana, Strawberry, Chocolate, Orange. Created for a passionate love game and an unforgettable 
experience with real taste.
You can delight the gentle half with this amazing TEA - a perfume with pheromones, which is extremely mysterious, sensual and with an irresistible 
aroma.With a light vanilla flavor, woody elements, blackcurrant, cloves and sweet motifs of exotic fruits.

And if you want to indulge in a great experience in the shower, we have a special product for you: Aphrodisiac Shower Gel HYPNOSIS. 
This unique product gently stimulates the most intimate parts of the body and is an indispensable spice for your love life. It turns into a rich and 
smooth foam and releases a delicate scent of Amber, which will provoke your sensuality and passion.
We can't help but pay attention to our great series Become a Chef of Grapes. 
The gift set will be a pleasant surprise for those who are in love not only with their halves, but also with the wine. 
Your loved ones will be fascinated by the original gift, which contains specially selected quality cosmetics:
Grape Body Lotion (250ml)
Shower gel for hair and body "Grapes" (250ml)
Body peeling "Grapes" 250ml + free gift cream - hand and foot oil "Grapes"
The lotion with a captivating aroma will hydrate and soothe the skin, will soften it and will give it the necessary smoothness and elasticity to
the touch. Body scrub smoothes, polishes and tones your skin. Creamy, slightly foaming on the basis of sea salts and oils is a pleasant and useful
shower experience. The great shower gel for hair and body with grapes is a gentle and cleansing cream that will take care of the cleanliness of the skin
and hair of every member of the family. And the wonderful gift to the set - hand and foot cream is a specially developed formula suitable for the skin 
of the hands and feet. Softens, nourishes and deeply hydrates.
You can see our other products with grapes and combine them to your liking to make your partner happy.
Choose from great lotions, shower gels, conditioners, creams and other original products!