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"Eat Sweet and Speak Sweet"

"Eat Sweet and Speak Sweet"

Unlike any other sweet temptation, the Lokum and the information about his birth are enveloped in legends.

The Balkan Peninsula can be accepted as the Lokum's homeland, which is why it is the most popular in the Bulgarian, Turkish, Albanian, Bosnian, Greek, Cypriot and Romanian cuisines.

The taste of Lokum according to recent research is useful for health in some aspects. It finds application for various health problems. It can be used for ulcers, coughs and bronchitis. It is thought to be useful in high cholesterol and high blood pressure. It acts as an aphrodisiac and helps for the rapid recovery of energy.

It is also claimed that the great Picasso daily tasted it to improve its concentration and manage its gentle and easy-handed hand. Napoleon and Winston Churchill were passionate lovers of Lokum with pistachios.

And you? Do you love the lokum? Who is your favorite flavor?


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