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Exfoliation: Rebirth of the skin

Exfoliation: Rebirth of the skin.

Ancient Egyptians and Greeks have discovered the benefits of exfoliating the skin many decades ago. If it is not yet part of your beautifying ritual, you should certainly try and enjoy the benefits it brings.
Our skin is usually renewed every 30 days. Accumulation of dead skin cells can lead to rough, uneven or pale-looking skin. By removing the top layer of dead cells from the epidermis, we slow down the natural process of renewal and thus our face is beautiful and illuminated for longer.
We have the ability to use physical or chemical scrubs to achieve the desired effect.
The ideal option is to exfoliate your skin twice a week so that we do not dry it or load it excessively. In the morning, before putting on makeup, for those who wear to "comfortably" comfortably on our smooth skin and stay there all day long. Another great plus is that for the lovers of artificial tan it is a magic trick for better and even application.
Exfoliation is a necessary part of any skin care regime: such as rearranging the wardrobe to the season, for example. As much as we are busy and weary, we do it, we will be more pleased with ourselves and make our daily lives easier.
And most importantly: exfoliate not only the face but your entire body and do not forget your neck and arms!


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