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Secrets for long lasting perfumes

Choose a strong scents

Not all scents are equally strong. Citrus flavors for example are more durable, while woody scents and fragrances of spices are retained for a longer period of time.

"Layering" scents
To your favorite scent probably also shower gel, lotion or body oil. When used together, they create different "layers" of scent and it will be maintained throughout the day.

When sprayed with perfume

It is best to scent immediately after you've taken a shower while skin is still slightly damp. The extra moisture helps to "lock" the flavor. Moreover, this will reduce the risk in your clothes remain spots and darken your jewels.

Keep your skin well hydrated

Remember to hydrate your skin before perfumed. Dry skin tends to absorb some of the flavor, as a result, he became a fugitive.

You have to know where to spraying perfume

Sprayed on her wrists and warm (and often hidden) areas such as the abdomen and chest, and dart behind the knee and behind the ears. Body heat of those places helps the flavor to unfold, so the top, middle and base notes to feel better.


Do not rub wrists

You've probably accustomed to rubbing his wrists, then spray them with perfume, but do not do it. When rubbed destroyed the top notes, thus leaving only average and basic, and it takes durability of the fragrance.

Keep right perfume

Keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, such as the dresser or dresser. You can even save the box and to store it in the vial. If you keep perfume in a warm and humid place (eg in the bathroom), it will spoil faster.

Spray again if it seems a long day

The above-mentioned tips will make the scent last longer but the skin can not retain the flavor infinite, so if you go to a party or dinner immediately after work, spray again. For this purpose, you can keep in her handbag a small bottle or roll-on of the same flavor.

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